Home Improvement Makeover Tips

home improvement makeover

During this time of economic hardship, many homeowners are choosing to stay in their home rather than moving. With the struggling housing market it is easy to understand why. It is cheaper to give rooms in your existing home a “face-lift” with a home improvement makeover rather than moving out. There are some simple tips to give your kitchen or bathroom a new look and still save you pennies. More importantly, there are tricks that even the most novice do-it-yourself home owner can do.

home improvement makeover

Get the Kitchen Cooking!

Rather than installing brand new kitchen cupboards and cabinets, think about giving your cupboard doors a lick of paint to rejuvenate them. There are many kinds of cupboard specific paints available in most home improvement stores. With a wide range of colours available, you are bound to find something to suit your tastes. Adding new door knobs and handles that complement the new colour will also help your kitchen achieve a new look and a new overall style.

kitchen makeover

To give the illusion of more space to small kitchens, you may want to consider painting the wall cupboards in a light colour and the lower cupboards in the same colour, but a shade darker. This effect will naturally draw the eye up and give the impression of more space.

If you benefit from a larger kitchen, you may want to consider having a feature wall. There are many ways this can be achieved. One way is to use patterned wallpaper on one wall. This will draw the eye to it and give a large space a sense of being intimate and cosy.

Another way to incorporate a feature wall into your kitchen is to use a special colour paint or new textured paint – these textured paints give the effect of suede or leather. Could be interesting in a kitchen!

Bathroom Revamp Ideas

bathroom revamp

If your bathroom is mainly tiled, you can achieve a new look by painting tiles with specialist tile paint. Removing existing tiles and fitting new ones can be messy and expensive. One way to save time and money is to cover old tiles with paint. Tile paint has improved dramatically over the years and not only does it come in a wide variety of colours, but it can be applied straight onto tiles. No preparation work to tiles needed!

With most bathrooms being the smallest room in the house, the flooring tends to be small too. Give your most functional room a new floor with self adhesive tiles. Most home improvement stores stock these great inventions and they don’t require any extra materials! No awkward adhesives or cutting machines. They are easy to cut and to install and can make such a big impact. It’ll look like you spent a fortune on a new floor!

Do-It-Yourself and Save Money

Brand new kitchens and bathrooms can be the most expensive rooms to renovate in any home. With a few trips to the local home improvement store and some savvy spending, you will be able to transform your kitchen or bathroom without spending too much money.

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